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Job Search Webinar

Are you stuck using Monster and other job boards?

Are recruiters lying to your?  Worse, are they ignoring you?

Do you want to be the first person to know when a job opens up?

I'm going to be showing you websites, search strings, tactics, and tricks that I have paid a dozen trainers to teach me.  I will not be talking about theory or overview at all.  This will be 100% how to get things done.  Afterwards I will put a "cheatsheet" up on the seminar replay page.  You'll be able to rev up your job search with these.

You'll get this seminar plus a month's access  to replays of all 11 seminars.  Packages for individual seminars cost $29 apiece. 


In the seminars I have covered:

    Keep upbeat so you won't get beat up
    What are my rights? Should I just roll over and play dead?
    I'm desperate.  Can they smell it?


    Get past the screeners - human and computer
    Make hiring managers sit up and beg
    How to be interesting instead of boring
    Hiding stuff
    Testing your resume

Recruiter use and abuse

    How do I find a good one?
    Will he find me a job?
    How can I get him to send me to his clients?
    Do all recruiters lie?Do any tell the truth?
How many should I use?

Prepare to win.
    Landmines to avoid
From phone call to in-person interview.  What's the secret?
Getting the second interview.  Making the final 3 candidates.
    Thank you notes.  Beg, wheedle, bribe, or impress.
    I hate that question about salary. What to do.
When there are 4 people in the interview.
    Best questions I should ask.
Finding jobs

    Hidden jobs that are never advertised
    Get them to make a new job just for you
    Shameless networking without embarrassment
    Resume spreaders, spam, and fax spam
    Social networking sites
    Personal networks
    Job boards

    Which ones are killing me?
    How many?
    When do I send them?
    Who do I ask?

Drop me an email if I've missed something bryan@agicc.com

You'll get this seminar plus a month's access  to replays of all 11 seminars.  Individual seminars cost $29 apiece. 

Questions?  Call me at 717-975-9001.  Bryan Dilts

5 weeks - How to find a job in 5 weeks.

Individualized coaching to help you with an urgent job search or a needed career change.